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Thursday, January 15, 2009


"Israel doesn't target civilians"

Really? I just saw this little girl on Al Jazeera TV. The article doesn't say, but I'd say she was about 7:
"I saw the soldier standing next to the shop. I looked for my mum and then he shot me. One bullet him my hand and the other went through my back and out through my stomach," Samar, a young girl, told Al Jazeera while recovering from her wounds at a Gaza hospital.
As for the shelling of the U.N. compound, Israel claims it was triggered by "militants inside the compound [who] shot anti-tank weapons and machine guns." The U.N.'s John Ging, who was inside the compound at the time, denounces this claim as "nonsense."

Was it coincidence that this attack destroyed thousands of tons of humanitarian aid? Perhaps. But curiously, that destruction comes on the very same day that Israeli gunboats threatened to fire on the Free Gaza ship filled with humanitarian supplies headed for Gaza, and stopped an Iranian ship also on the way to Gaza with tons of humanitarian aid. Punishing the civilian population, making them suffer, in an attempt to achieve a political end (the removal of Hamas), has of course been the Israeli strategy all along, explicitly stated by Israel, so the extension of that strategy to denying or destroying humanitarian aid would hardly be a stretch.

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