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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


If you want to "hope" for something

Don't bother "hoping" that Barack Obama will do something different about Gaza. But you can join me in hoping that Hugo Chavez gets his way:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said US and Israeli leaders must be tried at the International Criminal Court so the world's collective conscience can rest in peace.
It's not all just talk either; Venezuela is one of the few countries taking action, however symbolic:
Venezuela ordered the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador on Tuesday to protest Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Venezuela's Foreign Ministry announced the decision in a statement, saying it "has decided to expel the Israeli ambassador and part of the personnel of the Israeli embassy."

Chavez earlier condemned the Israelis carrying out the military campaign as "murderers" and urged Jews in Venezuela to take a stand against the Israeli government.

"Now I hope that the Venezuelan Jewish community speaks out against this barbarism. Do it. Don't you strongly reject all acts of persecution?" Chavez said.

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