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Friday, January 02, 2009


How about some good news?

OK, here's some (as long as you're not a poor American):
Cuba continues to lower its infant mortality rate after reporting 4.7 deaths in every 1000 live births, the lowest indicator in Cuban history.

The implementation of a state-centralized social policy has allowed prioritizing the attention of most vulnerable sectors of society, particularly mothers and children, and has been a crucial factor to attain such a sustained achievement.

The low indicators reveal the strength of the Cuban social system which, despite the nearly-fifty-year US economic blockade of the country and the impact of recent natural phenomena, was able to keep offering free medical attention to pregnant women, mothers and children.

In contrast, the United States, which maintains its blockade of the island nation, has a 6.0 infant mortality rate, though according to the differences between the poor and the rich, the indicator for the poor population in that country is 2.4 higher at the least.

Doctor Jose Ramon Balaguer, Health Minister,...said that some of the factors favoring the achievement include the dedication and high scientific quality of Cuban health workers, the existence of pregnant women attention centers, the incorporation of new technology to pediatric intensive care units and neonatology wards.
People before profits! There is no alternative...to socialism!

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