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Monday, January 05, 2009


Hiding behind civilians

The Israeli Army accuses Hamas of "cynically [using] civilians as human shields," this because Hamas insists on operating in densely populated areas. No doubt Israel would be much happier if all Hamas members would go stand out in the middle of an empty field, so Israel could drop a bomb on them and be done with it.

At the very same time, here's what Israel is doing:

Israeli troops seized three six-story buildings on the outskirts of Gaza City, taking up rooftop positions after locking residents in rooms and taking away their cell phones, a neighbor said, quoting a relative in one of the buildings who called before his phone was taken away.

"The army is there, firing in all directions," said Mohammed Salmai, a 29-year-old truck driver. "All we can do is take clothes to each other to keep ourselves warm and pray to God that if we die, someone will find our bodies under the rubble."
So just who is "hiding behind civilians" or using civilian as "human shields," putting civilians in unnecessary danger? Sounds like the Israeli army to me.

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