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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Stop bombing Gaza!

My video from last night's demonstration in San Francisco, probably the most spirited demonstration I have been to in a long time (and one of the largest). The action started with a picket at the Israeli Consulate, which stopped being a picket per se when the crowd got so thick it was impossible to move and the protest spilled onto all four street corners, confusing some activists and reporters who mistakenly thought the "other" side of the street was all supporters of Israel, as it has been in the past, but in this case actually 90% of the people there were pro-Palestinian; there were actually only a handful of Israel supporters.

After the action at the Consulate, Gloria La Riva from the main organizing group, the ANSWER Coalition, announced to the crowd and to the police that we were going to march (without a permit) because there were far too many of us for a sidewalk action, and down came the barricades and off we went on a spirited, long (several miles) march through the main streets of downtown San Francisco - Montgomery, Market, Van Ness, and others. While the march was happening, ANSWER managed to get a sound system set up in UN Plaza (again sans permit) and the march ended up there after several hours for an impromptu rally. The young, multiethnic crowd with a large Palestinian contingent, would have gone on all night, no doubt, but by 9:00 things wrapped up (having started at 4!).

Will the world hear us? The Israeli consul did, as you'll see in the second video below showing some of the TV coverage. So did Bush and Obama and Olmert and Livni, without any question. But we'll need to keep doing more until world opinion is literally deafening, and cannot be ignored.

ANSWER's coverage of demonstrations from around the country here.

Anyway, here's the video (click here and then on "Watch in high quality" for better quality video which can't be embedded):

The TV coverage (high-quality version here:

Stop bombing Gaza! End U.S. aid to Israel! Free Palestine!

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