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Thursday, December 04, 2008


The rich are different etc..

The White House is being "frugal" this year, we're told. How? Why, they're actually reusing old Christmas ornaments! Imagine that!

But what really grabbed my attention, and the reason for posting, was this:

In another example of frugal planning, Laura Bush said the first couple would be spending their Christmas money on Texas real estate for what she referred to as the "afterlife"—the time when they leave the White House in January after her husband's eight years in office. The couple will be buying a house in Dallas, with plans to spend weekends at their ranch in Crawford.
First of all, whose "Christmas money" is enough to buy a house that's not a little green plastic one on St. James Place? And second of all, on what planet is it "frugal" to buy a second house?

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