Wednesday, November 05, 2008


There's $ and there's $$$$

The California Nurses Association, a fine progressive organization, wants us to go to this website where you can play a silly game and see what the country could have bought (e.g., more uniforms for nurses) with the $150,000 that the Republicans spent on clothing Sarah Palin and her brood. $150,000? Chump change. How about thinking about what the obscene $1.5 billion spent on the election as a whole could have bought? Sadly, still chump change, in the face of the $1 trillion being spent every year on waging war and occupation in countries around the world.

$150,000 once in four years? It was good for a laugh. $1 trillion on the military every year? It's enough to make you cry. More than enough.

Why stop here? There's more...

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