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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thanks to ANSWER, you can protest at the inauguration

Do you think the government is giving too much financial help to rich bankers, and little or nothing to people who have been forced out of their homes? Are you worried that Obama will not keep his promise to withdraw troops from Iraq, or that he will keep his promise to send more troops to Afghanistan? Do you think Obama needs to go much further on improving U.S. relations with Cuba than just taking U.S. policy back to the first George W. Bush administration. Or maybe you're a big Obama supporter, but just outraged that the Democrats, apparently with the full support of Obama himself, are preparing to welcome the traitorous Joe Lieberman into their ranks? Or maybe you want to express your support for Obama and all of his policies, but can't afford a seat in the bleachers.

If so, a lawsuit filed by the ANSWER Coalition four years ago, and finally (swift American justice!) decided, is the answer to your prayers (or your hopes, if you're not the praying sort). As outlined in this press release from the Partnership for Civil Justice, who fought the suit on behalf of ANSWER, and in this article from today's Washington Post, the amount of sidewalk space along Pennsylvania Avenue that has been protected from "privatization" and made available to the public will be substantially greater in 2009 than it was in 2005.

ANSWER's protests will be focused on the foreclosure issue this year, but thanks to their lawsuit, there will be room for everyone to have their say on Inauguration Day.

The Partnership for Civil Justice welcomes contributions for their work on behalf of civil and free speech rights.

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