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Thursday, November 27, 2008


SS Free Gaza: the snowball that triggered an avalanche?

We can only hope:
The Libyan government has dispatched a boat that will try to reach the Gaza Strip in defiance of an Israeli sea blockade, a Palestinian lawmaker said Wednesday, raising the possibility of a confrontation between Israel's navy and an Arab vessel in the Mediterranean.

The ship left the Libyan port of Zuara carrying 3,000 tons of food, medicines, blankets and powdered milk.

The Libyan ship follows three boats that have sailed to Gaza from Cyprus since August to break the Israeli blockade, imposed last year to put pressure on Gaza's Hamas rulers.

Those boats, organized by the private U.S.-based Free Gaza advocacy group, carried international activists and some aid supplies. Israel's navy let them through, with Israeli officials saying they wanted to deny the protesters the publicity they would gain from a confrontation.

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