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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Bill Ayers - why can't the media get it right?

Gary Leupp had a very good article the other day, including reiterating the basic facts of his "terrorist" days:
Ayers by his own admission participated in a bombing of a New York City police station, and went on to bomb the Capitol and Pentagon in the next two years. Each action came in response to a specific escalation of the Vietnam War. There were no casualties, and Ayers was never convicted of a crime. He denies that the bombings were acts of terrorism and points out instead that the war in Vietnam was a war of terror.
An even better article, by Beth Massey at pslweb, went even more extensively into the history of the Weathermen and the comparison of the real terrorist John McCain and the supposed terrorist Bill Ayers:
Unlike McCain, Ayers and the Weather Underground killed no one. Three of their members were killed when a bomb exploded accidentally in a townhouse in Greenwich Village while they were in the process of assembling it.

In the documentary film "The Weather Underground," Ayers said: "We were very careful from the moment of the townhouse on to be sure we weren’t going to hurt anybody, and we never did hurt anybody. Whenever we put a bomb in a public space, we had figured out all kinds of ways to put checks and balances on the thing and also to get people away from it, and we were remarkably successful."
Now obviously, I don't expect Wolf Blitzer or others in the corporate media to embrace the idea that Bill Ayers was a hero and John McCain a terrorist. But don't the basic facts matter? I'm referring to the latest interview with (sigh!) Sarah Palin, but what bothers me isn't what the eminently ignorable Palin had to say, but Blitzer's response. Palin:
"Well, I still am concerned about that association with Bill Ayers. And if anybody still wants to talk about it, I will, because this is an unrepentant domestic terrorist who had campaigned to blow up, to destroy our Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol. That's an association that still bothers me."
And Blitzer's response to the absurd claim that Ayers was attempting to "destroy" the Pentagon and the Capitol? Nothing, of course. He just lets that pass, as he and every other "mainstream" newsperson did during the campaign, never once questioning the rewriting of history attempted by McCain, Palin, and their supporters.

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