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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


What's happening at the IAEA

Two stories out of the IAEA that you're unlikely to hear much about in the Western press:

#1: "Brazil rejects NPT redefinition":

"Brazil's envoy to the IAEA has criticized the West for trying to redefine the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) for its own agenda.

"Any country that fulfills its obligations is entitled to enrich uranium (for civilian purposes)," said Antonio Jose Vallim Guerreiro, the Brazilian ambassador, in an address to the International Atomic Energy Agency board meeting in Vienna on Wednesday.

Guerreiro also criticized countries that already possess nuclear technology but seek to halt the progress of other nations toward peaceful nuclear technology attainment.

"Any new definition of the NPT is unacceptable," Guerreiro declared.
#2 (and 2a): "Israel irked by IAEA move on its nukes" and "West moves in support of Israeli nukes":
An initiative by Iran and Arab League member states to put the Israeli regime's nuclear activities under scrutiny has irked Tel Aviv.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) agreed on Monday to put the issue of "Israel's nuclear capabilities" on the agenda of the UN body's annual meeting upon a request by Iran and several other countries including the Arab states.

Based on the initiative, the IAEA would pass a resolution calling for a nuclear weapon free Middle East.
Western nations are reportedly trying to foil the bid in a politically charged vote called no-action motion.

A no-action motion may be tabled if a member state believes the subject-matter of a proposed resolution falls outside the competence of a UN body. If successful, it would halt the debate on the resolution altogether.

If successful, this would be the third time that the Israeli nuclear program is protected from inspection.
This is just one more manifestation of the phenomenon I wrote about the other day in a post entitled "We are the world (and other lies)," noting that, contrary to the opinion of American politicians and pundits and media, "world opinion" is not synonymous with "U.S. ruling class opinion."

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