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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Schwarzenegger channels McCarthy

The governor wielded his veto pen against a measure that would have eliminated references in state law to communism as cause for dismissal of school, community college and other public employees.

"Many Californians have fled Communist regimes, immigrated to the United States and sought freedom in our nation because of the human rights abuses perpetuated in other parts of the world," Schwarzenegger said in his veto message. "It is important particularly for those people that California maintains the protections of current law.

"Therefore," his message said, "I see no compelling reason to change the law that maintains our responsibility to ensure that public resources are not used for purposes of overthrowing the U.S. or state government, or for communist activities."
"Communist activities." That would include agitating for civil rights, women's rights, immigrant rights, the 8-hour day, and every other progressive idea of the last century.

By the way, can you really overthrow a state government?

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