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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Iraq: the silver lining?

Could it be the occupation of Iraq has a silver lining?
Washington will not allow an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities while US troops are in Iraq, Israeli diplomatic sources claim.

According to a Monday report on Israel's Channel 10, unnamed Israeli sources said the presence of US troops in Iraq spoils chances of an Israeli strike on Iran, arguing that any military action would leave US forces stationed in Iraq vulnerable to Tehran's retaliation.
Needless to say, that silver lining, even if it exists, wouldn't be remotely enough to compensate for the death and destruction wrought by the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Iraqi people didn't volunteer to sacrifice their lives to protect Iran, any more than they agreed to sacrifice their lives to allow "us" to fight "them" "over there" in Iraq instead of here in the U.S.

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