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Saturday, October 11, 2008


The Coal Miner's Daughter

Just yesterday I wrote about the abomination called capitalism, the only economic system under which an abundance of a commodity (housing in this case) could be called a "problem." Then last night, I heard someone recount the tale of the Coal Miner's Daughter (or perhaps it was the Coal Miner's Dilemma or the Coal Miner's Paradox, it really doesn't matter), apparently a classic illustration of this same principle:

A coal miner's daughter (let's call her Loretta) comes to her father. "Daddy, why is the house so cold?" she asks. "Because we're out of coal," he answers. "Why are we out of coal?" she asks. "We can't afford it because I lost my job." "But why did you lose your job?" "Because they closed the mine." "And why did they close the mine?" "Because there's too much coal."

Thus endeth today's lesson.

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