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Wednesday, October 29, 2008



An interesting development and interesting comments from an unexpected source - Israel:
Many in Israel are striving to follow the internal processes in the United States election campaign. However, due to the cable company's unwillingness to continue paying for the right to broadcast CNN, as well as the indifference of the public which responded passively when CNN was taken off the air, about half of all television viewers in Israel do not have access to the station.

The result is that most of Israel's citizens - those who are interested in information beyond the crumbs served up by the local stations - have no choice but to make do with Fox.
Imagine (I'm talking to U.S. readers here) if your only choice was FOX News. Ugh.

However, the author of the article has no illusions in CNN:

Fox is tainted by its vulgar presentation and lacks a basic respect for facts, and comes dangerously close to expressing the basest prejudices and instincts. Even Republicans, whose ideology Fox promotes, are increasingly objecting to the evangelistic and populist message that the network expresses so prominently.

CNN is far from perfect. It does not come close in quality to either the BBC or the American public broadcasting system PBS, and I do not intend to praise it here. Nevertheless, in comparison to Fox, CNN appears balanced and factual.
As for me, for real news, aside from the Internet and radio shows like Democracy Now! and Flashpoints, I remain grateful that my local PBS station broadcasts BBC World News every evening. BBC is far from perfect (particularly when it comes to former British colonies like Zimbabwe, for which the frothing at the mouth is particularly evident), but it's far above CNN or any other American organization.

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