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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


There's pork, and there's the whole hog farm

John McCain's hallmark, criticized here on more than one occasion, is going after "pork" - things he considers wasteful spending. The famous Alaskan "Bridge to Nowhere" was one of the largest of such projects (which Sarah Palin was for before she was against). It's cost? $223 million.

The real wasteful (and that's about the nicest word I can use, since a lot of what is "wasted" is people's lives) government spending? The U.S. military, spending (everything considered, including VA expenses, etc.) more than $1 trillion each year. That's $2.7 billion every day. $114 million every hour. Making the "Bridge to Nowhere" the equivalent of two hours of military spending, and most of the "pork" criticized by McCain (typical targets include some scientist's research grant of a few hundred thousand dollars) measurable in seconds' worth of military spending.

But in yet another case of "hoist by their own petard," this won't be a line of argument being taken up by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, since their platform calls, almost astonishingly (but not really), for an increase in the size of the military.

Cut the military budget and fund human needs? Not while the pro-war, pro-corporate Republicans and Democrats remain in office.

Update: And, just in case McCain is on the lookout for more wasteful spending:

President Bush said Wednesday the U.S. will send an extra $1 billion to Georgia to help the pro-Western former Soviet republic in the wake of Russia's invasion.
You know, they (American politicians and media) mock Russia's "democracy," but I don't recall reading about a vote or even a discussion on sending $1 billion of our money to Georgia. Do you? Apparently that's just "walking around money" the dictator President gets to dispense at his pleasure.

There are no details of what the money is for, but I'm guessing a good portion of it will end up right back here in the U.S. (if indeed it ever leaves), in the pockets of the war profiteers who will be sending weapons to Georgia to defend against the next "Russian invasion." You know, the one that will occur right after Georgia launches an unprovoked attack and kills another 1400 Ossetians. Who will also be instantly forgotten by the "free press" of the West.

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