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Sunday, September 28, 2008


NPR: Unclear on the concept

On NPR's "On the Media" today (not the be confused with FAIR's superior but less widely distributed "Counterspin"), interview Amy Goodman about the arrest of journalists at the RNC. This caught my ear, as NPR's host Brooke Gladstone more or less suggested to Goodman they shouldn't cover the demonstrations anyway:
"Is every march, every protest a story that deserves a full media complement? These are, in effect, designed to attract media attention. Do the media have to take the bait?"
Goodman gives a more or less neutral answer, starting with "I think it's our job to cover all of it." Here's my answer: "What the hell do you think the Republican and Democratic conventions were, other than events designed to attract media attention?"

There was one good line from Goodman:

"Reporters have to be able to put things on the record without getting a record."

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