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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Media coverage of 3rd party candidates

The following comes from a letter I received recently from the Nader campaign. He's probably used this line before, although I hadn't heard it:
Ralph Nader met recently with the editors of the Washington Post, who told him the reason the paper wasn't covering his campaign was because he had no chance of winning. Ralph shot back – then why are you covering the Washington Nationals, the team with the worst record in Major League Baseball?
I do have to note that Nader scores no points from me for actually knowing (or caring) who has the worst record in Major League Baseball; doesn't he have more important things to occupy his time? Well, ok, I'll cut him some slack, after all, he's got all that free time because he's not allowed in the debates.

By the way, the headline is a bit inaccurate. I wish Ralph Nader were a "3rd party candidate." His history proves he has no interest whatsoever in trying to build a serious 3rd party movement that transcends himself. That's not to say, as Democrats like to do, that he is an "egotist," but it is to say his only interest in 3rd parties is using existing ones to get on the ballot in different states. If it were left to the effort he puts into them, they wouldn't even exist for him to take advantage of.

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