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Monday, September 22, 2008


Just say no!

Well, that was quick (click to cast your "vote"):

One easy way to look at the proposed bailout is as just another form of "trickle-down economics," which should be known by the more accurate name, "piss-on economics." How is this bailout being justified? Because a failure on Wall Street will hurt "Main Street." For example, a Congressman on TV just explained how if these firms fail, it will be harder for students to get loans to go to college. Hey, here's an idea. Let's take the $700 billion, and instead of giving it to Wall Street bankers, let's loan it directly to the students! Big companies won't be able to borrow money to create jobs? No problem, let's take part of the $700 billion and create some jobs of our own, by reviving the concept of the WPA and putting people to work rebuilding America, starting with New Orleans and Galveston.

Trickle-down/piss-on economics? Just say no!

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