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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Israel threatens Iran, U.S./U.N. look the other way

Threatening military action against another country is against international law. But don't expect to hear any outrage (much less sanctions in the U.N. or charges brought in the World Court) over this:
"The time is still for diplomacy and sanctions, but much more effective sanctions. We keep saying that we do not remove any option from the table. I propose to others not to remove any option from the table as well. But when we say it, we mean it," [Israeli Defense Minister Ehud] Barak said [referring, obviously, to Iran].
Democratic activists like those at Daily Kos have an expression: IOKIYAR - "It's OK if you're a Republican," meaning that things which would cause an outrage were they done by a Democrat pass unnoticed when done by a Republican. I'd say we need a new counterpart - IOKIYAI - "It's OK if you're an Israeli" (or the "I" could stand for "Imperialist" - the expression would still be just as accurate).

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