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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Don't let the National Park Service privatize the inauguration route

On March 20, 2008, a judge declared unconstitutional the practice of the National Park Service of exempting the Presidential Inaugural Committee from the ordinary permit process in order to give that private political advocacy organization exclusive rights to exclude the public from along the Inaugural Parade route. This meant that the public would actually be allowed to protest at the next inauguration. The horror!

To prevent this affront to democracy plutocracy, the National Park Service has re-written its regulations to set aside prime swaths of the Inaugural Parade route for the exclusive use of the corporate donor friends of the incoming administration. The period for public comment closes in a few days, September 22, and the more of us that protest this outrage, the better. To do so, go here (where you can also read more details) and scroll to the bottom where it says "Here is how you can send your comment" (ignore the link further up the page, which doesn't work). You actually have to type your own comment, but it's the sentiment that's important, not exactly what you say. Just say "no" to the regulations, "yes" to leaving the streets and sidewalks for the people, not big donors.

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