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Monday, August 11, 2008


The sustainable James Hunter

Last month I discovered a talented British singer named James Hunter. I linked to a YouTube video, which was fine music but rather a goofy video. Yesterday, Hunter appeared at the San Jose Jazz Festival, so I got to make my own video. Hunter, as you'll see from the beginning, is still a little bit of a goofball, but his music is absolutely solid. This is his rocking "Jacqueline."

Before we get to the music, though, a word about the "sustainable" in the title of this post, which forms the justification for this second post about an otherwise non-political subject. After paying the $10 entry fee for the Jazz Festival, I discovered that the best place to sit (totally uncrowded and not being blasted out with music that was too loud) was not in the festival area at all, but on a public sidewalk right on the side of the stage (the view you'll see from the video). And right there, actually what I sat and stood on during the concert, was something I had never seen before - a giant solar-powered system for the sound and stage lights (the latter not actually in use, this was during the day). Pictured above, it's a large A-frame trailer with three large solar panels on either side. From the company's website, I'm guessing this is the kind of thing you can only afford if you're running a giant festival, not a local antiwar protest, but I thought I'd pass on the information anyway. Who knows, maybe you're in charge of your local music festival! If so, check it out.

And now, on to the music [Note, by the way, the crappy quality of the video shown through YouTube (i.e., not because of the original), vs. the superior quality of the video in the post below this one that comes from Blip.tv. There are decent quality videos on YouTube; how to optimize my video so that it turns out decent on YouTube still baffles me, I'm afraid]

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