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Monday, August 11, 2008


Jon Stewart skates

Barack Obama has a new ad targeting John McCain as a celebrity. In the course of the ad, we see McCain as a guest on Jay Leno (several times), David Letterman, the View, and on Saturday Night Live. But there's one place where McCain has actually been a guest far more than any of those others. It's the place where the host once said:
"People who watch this show know, we love John McCain. He's one of our most frequent guests, one of our favorite figures in Washington."
Of course you read the title of the post, so you know who that host was - Jon Stewart, someone who has had McCain on at least eleven times (that was a figure from a year ago; it's probably higher now).

I guess it wouldn't do for Obama to offend liberals who still labor under the misconception that Stewart is one of them. Or perhaps he didn't want to offend people who think of themselves as "hip." Whatever the reason, he missed the chance to call out Stewart on his sick "bromance" (see, I'm hip too).

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