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Friday, August 22, 2008


Gaza is not "the world's largest prison"

It's the world's largest concentration camp:
"It is not correct to consider that Gaza is a prison, as some argue in Europe. Rather it is indeed a concentration camp, because the inmates of European prisons get enough food and adequate medical care. They are free from military attack and they are not denied other rights, like education. None of that happens in Israeli occupied Gaza."

- Bassam Naim, Minister of Health for the Hamas government
As the author of this powerful article asks,
If blame, even if only moral blame, was cast on those who did nothing and looked the other way in times gone by, what judgment do the people deserve now who not only keep quiet about Israel’s actions in Gaza, but actually aid and abet them?
Meanwhile, activists have set sail for Gaza, trying to break the seige of Gaza from the sea.

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