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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Food-spitting Quote of the Day

Fortunately I didn't have a bite in my mouth when I heard Wolf Blitzer, interviewing some politician (it doesn't matter who, really It was Rudy Giuliani, I found the transcript) about today's news that Iraq may have an $80 billion surplus, ask:
"Should they [Iraq] start paying the United States back, the $700 billion the United States taxpayers have spent since the war started?"
That's right, Wolf, we [sic] destroyed their country, caused the deaths of a million people, injuries to untold more, caused two million Iraqis to have to flee their country and millions more to flee their homes, and now we should send them the bill for the bombs and the bullets! Hey I've got an idea. Let's all go out and buy some bricks and baseball bats, drive over to Wolf's house and destroy the place, and then send him the bill for the gas and the gear. After all, I hear he's got termites, or at least it's possible he might have termites, so we'll be doing him a favor.

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