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Friday, August 29, 2008


Dana Milbank and the scummiest column ever

Dana Milbank, evidently still smarting from being fired from the Keith Olbermann show, is out with the scummiest column ever about Barack Obama. Evidently he's angling for a job with Fox News, if he doesn't already have one, or perhaps he's hoping for the job of press spokesperson for the McCain administration he's trying to elect.

Now you all know I've got criticisms of Obama - plenty of them. But those are serious criticisms about what Obama and his party stand for. Not absurd statements like Milbank's claim that the stadium was filled with "adoring fans." No, Dana, those people aren't "fans" of Obama, they're supporters of Obama, people who are trying to elect a new President of the United States. Or absurd statements like how Obama "waved skyward" or "gazed heavenward." No, Dana, Obama wasn't looking to the heavens, he was looking at and waving to the people in the upper stands of the stadium, a crowd that John McCain (or Dana Milbank) could never hope to assemble to hear them speak.

And, above all, the whole "ancient Greek colonnade/Parthenon nonsense." I haven't spent nearly as much time in Washington, D.C. as Milbank, who works there, but even I know that Washington is filled with buildings which look just like that, starting with the White House. Milbank describes the center of the backdrop (the "colonnade"), as being "a classical frieze", which seems to be technically correct, I think, but in general a "frieze" is associated with sculptures and carvings, not just a simple geometric design. But Milbank fails to note that the entire center of that structure was filled with faux paned windows, which I'm pretty sure were not part of the Parthenon or any Greek structure. Indeed, it was those windows which actually made the structure look like nothing less than the White House, not a "Greek temple."

Do I welcome (and contribute to) fair criticism of Obama? Absolutely. Unfair sniping based on absurd right-wing talking points, which do nothing but debase the level of discussion in this country and trivialize the very serious questions which an election should be about? Totally unacceptable.

Previous criticism of Milbank and his despicable level of "journalism" (I never could understand why Keith Olbermann liked him): here (Downing Street memos), here (anti-Semitism), here (on the Left), and here (covering Bush's rear).

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