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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


U.S. to Iran: "Just roll over and play be dead"

Iran test fired some missiles yesterday. Naturally, their preparation to defend themselves against the attacks which are openly discussed by ruling circles in Israel and the United States is portrayed as a belligerent move. Turning the world on its head, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says, ""Those who say that there is no Iranian missile threat against which we should build a missile defense system perhaps ought to talk to the Iranians about their claims." Their claims? Their claims are that they are prepared to respond to any attack with a counterattack, not exactly the most surprising of claims.

But the cake-winning entry from the U.S. was this:

A White House spokesman called the tests "completely inconsistent with Iran's obligations to the world."
Yes, Iran, don't you know your "obligation to the world" is to leave yourself defenseless so the U.S. and Israel can threaten and ultimately attack you with abandon without fear of reprisal, and even overthrow your "regime" when they choose to? Didn't you learn anything from Saddam Hussein?

Update: The actual claims from Iran, in case Condi or the media actually care:

"Our missile capacity is just for defensive purposes, to safeguard peace in Iran and the Persian Gulf region," said Brigadier General Mohammad-Najjar on Wednesday.

"Our missiles will not be used to threaten any country, they are only intended for those who dare attack Iran," he added.

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