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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sen. Ted Stevens (but not what you think!)

Yes, Sen. Ted Stevens was indicted yesterday for corruption. In a world where war criminals responsible for the deaths of more than a million people walk free, it's not something I'll get all worked up about; I'll leave that to the Democrats.

No, what I'm all worked about is Stephen Colbert last night, following in a long line of comedians and bloggers and others making fun of Stevens because Stevens described the Internet as a series of "tubes." And why am I worked up (ok, not really worked up, just mostly amused)? Because the standard metaphor for the Internet is "pipes." And if anyone can tell me why "pipes" is an acceptable metaphor, but "tubes" is so ridiculous that we should all fall over laughing because Stevens used that one instead, feel free to do so. Actually, I'd say the fact that Stevens used a different metaphor shows he probably understands the Internet a lot better than most people in his position, who might be able to parrot the conventional language without even having a clue of what it really represents.

Bet you weren't expecting this post. :-)

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