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Sunday, July 06, 2008


"Recession"? How about "depression"?

While the corporate media and politicians do their best to avoid the word "recession," the head writer for the San Francisco Mime Troupe weighs in with a harsher word for today's economy while discussing the group's latest play:
"It's not really about the presidential election," says the troupe's outspoken head writer, Michael Gene Sullivan. "It's about a much more basic question, and that is: Can you have political freedom without economic freedom? What good does it do to vote for one millionaire or another? Why is there never enough money to fix the libraries and the sidewalks but always enough money to subsidize the corporations?"

Sullivan says the sagging economy has brought the issues of the play to the forefront of popular culture. From the gas pump to the grocery store, the consumer is feeling a pinch (hard) in what many analysts describe as a recession. Sullivan begs to differ.

"The country is in a depression," he says. "It may not be the Great Depression, but it is a depression. They don't call it that because they don't want to scare people, but that's what it is. And whoever wins the election needs to be held accountable."

The history of the Great Depression and its echoes today were very much on Sullivan's mind as he wrote "Red State."

"The economy is squeezing everyone to the point where people are ready for change," Brown says. "The thing is, you can't wait for the change; you have to be the change."

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