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Monday, July 28, 2008


The prescience (?) of the Kinks (!)

Perhaps not. But it might sound like prescience when I quote a few lyrics from a little-known song by the Kinks, entitled "A Gallon of Gas":
Who needs a car and a seven-forty-seven
When you can't buy a gallon of gas
Who needs a highway, an airport or a jet
When you can't get a gallon of gas
There's no more left to buy or sell
There's no more oil left in the well
A gallon of gas can't be purchased anywhere
For any amount of cash
You can't buy a gallon of gas
Well, as it turns out, it wasn't really a song about peak oil, or the end of the gasoline engine, it was a song recorded in 1979 and clearly engendered by the 1979 oil crisis, when long lines appeared at gas stations, at least partially as a consequence of the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the Iranian Revolution. But now, under the everything old is new again theory, I think it's time for another listen, this time with a view toward the perhaps not-so-distant future:

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