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Sunday, July 06, 2008


The mass graves of Korea

The AP follows up on an article from May about the murder of an estimated 100,000 Korean leftists and "suspected" sympathizers in mid-1950, and the U.S. complicity therein. As was the case in May, neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post has judged that this is among the "all the news" that's "fit to print" (the Los Angeles Times actually has a different AP story on the topic).

The big "debate" in these articles is whether the U.S. was really responsible. All they did was give approval, take pictures, file reports, and then participate actively in the coverup for 50 years (not just passively, by hiding evidence, but actively, by positively denying it had happened and calling it "Communist propaganda"). I'll say no more, except to note that Saddam Hussein was hung for his role in the judicial death by hanging of 148 men who had been convicted, after a 2-year trial, in participating in an attempted assassination of Hussein. The 100,000 Koreans were all slaughtered without benefit of trial (or charges) in "a few weeks," quite possibly one of the greatest mass slaughters in the shortest time in history, outside of the other U.S. atrocities of the time - the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the firebombing of Tokyo.

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