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Monday, July 14, 2008


Israel agrees to give up nuclear weapons

You don't believe me? How else could you read this?
Forty-three nations, including Israel and Arab states, pledged Sunday to work for a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction...

In a final declaration, Israel, Syria, the Palestinians along with countries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa agreed to "pursue a mutually and effectively verifiable Middle East Zone free of weapons of mass destruction."
Well, simplest agreement ever! Israel, the only nation in the Middle East which actually has nuclear weapons, gives them up and presto, the agreement is implemented.

Ah, but you say, Israel has never admitted it has nuclear weapons. True enough. Surely then, since that's the case, this "pledge" can be implemented by Israel agreeing to allow full inspection of every facility in the country (starting with, say, just at random, Dimona) to verify that indeed they don't have nuclear weapons.

I sense your skepticism. In case anyone has forgotten, Israel is one of the only countries in the world which refuses to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It's commitment to this "pledge" is, shall we say, not to be given much credibility.

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