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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Iraq: 'Progress' for whom?

An excellent editorial at pslweb.org this morning asks the title question. The entire article is worth reading, but let me just quote two paragraphs:
There has indeed been less open warfare in Iraq recently than there has been in previous years. But one must not forget that 148,000 foreign troops patrol Iraqi streets, set up checkpoints and dominate just about every aspect of Iraqi life.

When the government and media call this progress, we ask: progress for whom? If an attacker comes into your house, breaks your most precious belongings, shoots your family members, steals your money, and, after you fight back for a while, succeeds in putting duct tape over your mouth and starts walking around the house as if it was his, is this progress? He has successfully pacified the situation, but his success is in direct conflict with yours.

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