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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The cluster bomb two-step

The U.S. government is getting good press for its plan to "require that after 2018, more than 99 percent of the bomblets in a cluster bomb must detonate." But as Democracy Now pointed out, this is actually a step backwards, since "in 2001 a defense policy issued by then-Defense Secretary William Cohen called for a similar reduction in submunitions from cluster bombs by 2005."

Even that, however, is a joke. In its war against Lebanon, Israel dropped 1.2 million cluster bomblets ("submunitions"). One percent of 1.2 million still would leave a whopping 12,000 unexploded bombs on the ground. How do you suppose the American public would feel if they learned that there were 12,000 unexploded bombs in Connecticut (a state about the size of Lebanon)?

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