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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


U.S.: "We're the problem in Iraq"

No, it's not a direct quote, or even a paraphrase. But what other meaning can you take from this:
The U.S. government has opened its first permanent office here for Iraqi refugees seeking to settle in the United States.
The office, which began interviewing applicants May 10, has already finished processing 80 embassy employees for departure.
"The whole goal is to provide greater access to people who are in trouble or in threat based on their association with the U.S.," said an American official in Baghdad.
And, lest you think this is just the Bush administration admitting that associating with Americans in Iraq is potentially fatal, you're wrong, because this is a law passed by Congress:
U.S. officials said the Baghdad office will accept applications under a new law that permits entry to Iraqis who have worked for the U.S. government; the American-led military coalition; contractors "closely aligned with the U.S. mission in Iraq" that have received funding from the U.S. government; and U.S.-based media organizations and nongovernmental organizations.
Iraqis who are in danger simply because of the exponentially increased sectarian tensions enflamed by the U.S., or merely in danger from living in Iraq and walking down the street? Find another country, we don't want you, only those foolish enough to have risked their lives by helping the U.S. in its attempted subjugation of Iraq.

While the U.S. lets in a trickle of the refugees which it created, Sweden, which had nothing to do with the problem, has admitted 40,000 Iraqi refugees. Millions of Iraqis are in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and other countries in the Middle East, although it's unclear how many of those have permanent status like the ones in Sweden.

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