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Friday, June 27, 2008


North Korean name-calling

Today's USA Today features an editorial which calls North Korea an "addict" and a "nukoholic" (mixed metaphors, anyone) in referring to "attempts to wean it off its nuclear weapons." Huh? North Korea, if they have any nuclear weapons at all (which is most definitely not a given), has fewer than a handful (literally - fewer than five), while the "USA" of "USA Today" has no less than 5500! Not to mention that it continues to develop new generations of nuclear weapons, continues to talk about developing "usable" nuclear weapons, and, in violation of the non-proliferation treaty, continues to threaten non-nuclear nations like Iran with the use of nuclear weapons.

I tried to come up with a suitable metaphor or phrase of my own to describe this, like "the pot calling the EZBake Oven black," but nothing I could come up with could convey the absurdity of anyone in the United States, much less a newspaper with the name "USA" in its title, referring to North Korea as a nuclear "addict" or "nukoholic." Give me a break.

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