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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Nature moment

This morning, as I'm wont to do, I was out running in a nearby park. In the space of five minutes, I saw an adult California Quail with a half-dozen or more chicks, a doe with two fawns, and finally a female Wild Turkey with two small babies, the first time I had ever seen young Turkeys in the wild. Another generation of some of the amazing variety of life on this planet is under way.

There are millions of species of living creatures. Only one has the potential to destroy the planet. On behalf of the ones that don't, and the planet itself, do your best to make sure that your species prevents that from happening, both in the short term, with actions you can take yourself, and in the long term, by working for radical change in the system itself, which is the only thing that will really assure that the planet endures. "People before profits," a classic socialist slogan, is no longer enough though. It's now "People and the planet (and all its creatures) before profits."

Update: Catching up on yesterday's comics, I discovered there may be another solution...at least for the animals:

Bizarro, by Dan Piraro

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