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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The low value of Iraqi lives

In the latest news of American savagery, American bombs killed six civilians, including four children in Tikrit. And why?
[U.S. officials] claimed that the house was attacked after troops received small arms fire while conducting operations in the area.

The strike took place after the troops saw an armed man moving into a nearby group of buildings, the officials said. [emphasis added]
So it doesn't even take a claim that "an armed man" moved into that particular house they chose to bomb without knowing who else might be inside. It only had to be a "nearby" building. Close enough. They were only Iraqis.

Out now! Not in a "hundred years," and not even "in sixteen months", the best a Republican or Democratic candidate can promise (emphasis on the word "promise"; delivering on promises is another thing entirely). Now!

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