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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Just askin' some more

An AP news reports today refers to "Iran's hardline president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad." Has the AP ever referred to George Bush as a "hardline president"? Just askin'.

And while we're just askin', another AP article about the huge prison break in Afghanistan, reports that "even NATO conceded [it] was a success for the militants." Really? Was that actually in question? 870 prisoners were sprung from jail and someone actually thought it worth asking NATO if they "conceded" that the operation was a success?

On a more serious front, we learn today that John McCain wrote this in 1974, a year after being released from prison in North Vietnam:

"The biggest factor in a man's ability to perform credibly as a prisoner of war is a strong belief in the correctness of his nation's foreign policy," McCain wrote in a 1974 essay submitted to the National War College and never released to the public. Prisoners who questioned "the legality of the war" were "extremely easy marks for communist propaganda," he wrote.
Naturally he blames the antiwar movement for creating those "incorrect" perceptions on the part of the prisoners. To John McCain we say: Wouldn't it be simpler to have a "correct foreign policy," so you wouldn't have to worry about whether prisoners of war believed we did? And wouldn't it be simpler not to launch illegal wars in the first place, rather than worrying about prisoners "questioning" that legality, and rather than blaming the antiwar movement? Just askin'.

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