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Thursday, June 19, 2008


If we don't get George W. Bush's third term...

...we'll get George H.W. Bush's second term:
Obama said he'd be particularly interested in having high-ranking Republicans advising him on defense and national security. "I really admire the way the elder Bush negotiated the end of the Cold War — with discipline, tough diplomacy and restraint ... and I'd be very interested in having those sorts of Republicans in my Administration, especially people who can expedite a responsible and orderly conclusion to the Iraq war — and who know how to keep the hammer down on al-Qaeda."

When I asked him specifically if he would want to retain Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, Obama said, "I'm not going to let you pin me down ... but I'd certainly be interested in the sort of people who served in the first Bush Administration."
The Obamaniacs over at Daily Kos seem surprised, shocked, and chagrined by this "development," but they shouldn't, because it's nothing new. It's completely in line with his interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal in January, in which he praised Reagan for having "tapped into what people were already feeling", dissed the antiwar protests of the 70's as "an anti-military, 70s love-in kind of approach," and talked about how a strong priority in his choice of Vice-President would be someone with "military experience...who intimately understood some of the more tactical issues surrounding military deployments, or, conversely, also understands the bureaucracy of the Pentagon."

If you don't feel inclined to another Bush term, here's an alternate choice, Gloria La Riva, the PSL candidate for President, filling sandbags in Iowa several days before George Bush showed up, late as usual, to take a helicopter tour and learn what he could have learned by watching TV (or reading the paper, but we know he doesn't do that).

And just for contrast with the picture above, a tribute to the late George W. Bush. I trust that everyone knows this picture was taken while New Orleans was under water.

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