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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Father's Day amnesia

My local Sunday paper comes with USA Weekend, which replaced Parade, which in turn replaced the section which was actually written by employees of the paper. But I digress. Today's cover story, for Father's Day, was about "G.I.Dads." The article is 1392 words long. In all those words, there isn't a single mention of those children who won't be seeing their dad on this Father's Day, or on any future Father's Day, and whom in some cases may never have seen their dad at all.

If this were just an article about fathers in general, that would be excusable. In an article about military fathers, many of them fighting in wars from which they may not return, it's more than inexcusable. It's deliberate distortion, designed to hide one of the many costs of war.

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