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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


John Bolton=Homer Simpson?

John Bolton has something in common with Homer Simpson's brain, which, from time to time, "speaks out loud," blurting out the things that Homer is thinking but really shouldn't be saying. Likewise Bolton is one of those rare members of the ruling class who hasn't the slightest inhibition about saying out loud what the rest are thinking:
John Bolton, who was a leading hawk in President George W. Bush's administration, told an audience at the Hay literary Festival that five years of "failed" negotiation with Iran over its nuclear program had left just two options for dealing with the issue -- regime change and use of force.
The radical idea of leaving the Iranian people (or the people of dozens of other countries we could name) to decide on their own fate just never occurs to the likes of Bolton; it's simply not an "option" according to him. They will bend to our will...or else.

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