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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


US casualties reach 75,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan

The title of this post is a headline from an article in today's Daily Granma; searching Google News and Yahoo News turned up exactly one other news source (CBS News) reporting this item. Wouldn't want to disturb anyone; the "surge" is working, don't you know.
Around 75,000 US soldiers have been either killed, wounded or were evacuated during their participation in the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, admitted the Department of Defense on Monday.

According to the latest Pentagon report, the number of deaths in the two wars amount to 4,492, with 31,590 wounded and 38,631 troops that had to be sent away from the war scenes under the category of "non-hostile-related medical air transports."
As noted in the article, though, even those numbers don't tell the whole story:
The statistics failed to include the large number of veterans needing medical attention in the US.
On that point, the CBS News article does add this quantitative detail:
A January report by the Department of Veterans Affairs showed 299,585 veterans who recently served in the Middle East had been treated by the VA since 2002. Forty percent (120,049) of the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who sought care from the VA did so for mental health disorders.
Which would make the actual number of casualties somewhere between 195,000 and 375,000.

Incidentally, I know of no estimates whatsoever of the number of wounded Iraqis, which clearly exceeds the million-plus killed, although not by the ratio of wounded/killed for the U.S. military, considering that the latter receive vastly better medical care than the Iraqis.

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