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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Quote of the Day: Hugo Chavez

Soaring food prices are a "massacre" of the world's poor and are creating a global nutritional crisis, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday, calling it a sign that capitalism is in decline.

"It is a true massacre what is happening in the world," Chavez said in a televised speech, citing U.N. statistics about deaths caused by hunger and malnourishment.

"The problem is not the production of food ... it is the economic, social and political model of the world. The capitalist model is in crisis." (Source)
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Update: Just so you know Chavez isn't spouting rhetoric about capitalism, read Bill Quigley's article on yesterday's CounterPunch to learn how Haiti, where there are now food riots happening and people are starving, was self-sufficient in rice 30 years ago, until capitalism in the form of the IMF stepped in and forced Haiti to reduce tariffs and open itself up to American rice.

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