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Friday, April 18, 2008


How much are Israeli "peace deals" worth? (Part II)

You don't have to wait until Benjamin Netanyahu gets elected and renounces previous agreements; the current government is already doing that:
The Israeli government revealed plans Friday to build 100 homes in two Jewish settlements — one of them deep in the West Bank — in violation of its pledge to freeze settlement expansion.
And why is this happening? Here's the explanation we're offered:
The new construction apparently is part of ongoing negotiations between the Israeli government and Jewish settler leaders. Approval for the 100 homes came in return for the recent voluntary evacuation of two small unauthorized settlement outposts.
So Israeli settlers build "unauthorized" outposts (which I'll point out, since AP doesn't, aren't just "unauthorized" but illegal, as are all the settlements), and the Israeli government "negotiates" with them to close them in return for building other housing, while, if a Palestinian builds an "unauthorized" house, it's bulldozed by the Israeli military.

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