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Friday, March 21, 2008


Sarkozy explains imperialism

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says Europe's security is at stake when countries like Iran are developing the range of their missiles.

During the inauguration ceremony of a new generation nuclear submarine named 'The Terrible', the French president explained that today's nuclear missiles, even if they are far away, are capable of reaching Europe in less than half an hour.

"Today, only the major powers have such means," he expounded while voicing his concern about the 'rapid development of ballistic capacities' in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. (Source)
The "major powers" having the means to threaten (and annihilate) countries like Iran? That's the way it is. Other countries having the means to threaten the "major powers"? Totally unacceptable:
The French politician warned that, "all those who threaten our vital interests expose themselves to a harsh response," and cautioned that the "military, political and economic centers" of rogue states would be targeted.

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