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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Nation writer piles on the Iranian nuclear lie

The other day it was George W. Bush himself, doubling down on the big lie about Iran, by not only asserting (falsely) that they had declared an intention to build nuclear weapons, but further that they planned to use them to "destroy countries."

Today on Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman allowed Nation reporter Robert Dreyfuss to pass off, unchallenged, the following statements, which, while not going as far as the Bush statements, are still lies, and, considering their "liberal" source, in some ways even more dangerous:

"...the biggest problem that we face: namely, how to deal with Iran’s nuclear program."

"And that [not involving the Russians in negotiations with Iran] would almost guarantee that McCain would face the choice of having to either attack Iran or to accept Iran having a nuclear bomb at some point in the period in his eight-year term as president."
Incidentally, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (but not, as far as I could find on his website, John McCain) talk about the importance of "energy independence." Funny how neither is willing to acknowledge that it is as appropriate and understandable for Iran to seek that goal as it is for the United States.

Over at places like Daily Kos, there's an acronym IOKIYAR, which stands for, "It's OK if you're a Republican." It refers to the impression, or fact if you prefer, that Democrats managed to get criticized for things which Republicans do routinely. Perhaps, along the lines of what I just wrote recently regarding recent statements by French President Sarkozy, we really need another acronym - IOKIYAI - "It's OK if you're an imperialist."

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