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Sunday, March 16, 2008


The "Dream Ticket"

There's been a lot of talk in the media about the possibility of the so-called "Dream Ticket" of a Black man and a white women - Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (or Clinton/Obama). Whether or not that unlikely event comes to pass, the simple fact remains -- far from being a "dream ticket," an Obama/Clinton ticket would be a nightmare for billions of people around the world.

A nightmare for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, for whom the prospects of a continuing occupation and suffering will remain, whether that occupation is enforced by "residual" U.S. troops, NATO troops, or Blackwater mercenaries. A nightmare for the people of Palestine, for whom the prospects of continuing American military, economic, and political support to the Israeli occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people will remain undiminished. A nightmare for the people of Cuba, who will continue to suffer under the crippling U.S. blockade which has denied them nearly $100 billion, money which could have been used to help fulfill their unmet needs. A nightmare for the people of Iran and North Korea, who will continue to face both economic sanctions and the threat of war under an Obama/Clinton administration.

And last but not least, a nightmare for the people of the United States. The Democratic "dream administration" will continue to spend one trillion dollars a year on the U.S. military, which means that pressing needs in health care, housing, mass transportation, education, and other social purposes will continue to go unmet, no matter what promises emanate from the "dream ticket."

There is a real "dream ticket" on the ballot already - Gloria La Riva and Eugene Puryear of the Party for Socialism & Liberation. But the reason that ticket is a "dream ticket" isn't because it is composed of a Latina woman and a Black man, but because it's a ticket which speaks to the dreams of billions of people around the globe that a better world is possible. A world in which human needs are the only consideration, not the "needs" of corporations, which exist not to create jobs, as they would have us believe, or even in most cases products or services, but only to create one thing - profit. Profit which is the main driving force behind the war and occupation which engulfs the world.

But the dream ticket of La Riva and Puryear doesn't just offer vague "dreams", and they are clear that they won't be the ones making those dreams come true. It will be all of us, struggling not only against the existing evils like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the occupation of Palestine, and so on, but for positive, revolutionary change to bring about a socialist world, a world organized around human needs, not profit.

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