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Sunday, March 16, 2008


ABC News Outrage!

ABC News is doing an "Iraq 5 Years Later: Where Things Stand" "analysis" this week. Introducing the feature tonight, anchor Dan Harris wondered whether the "uneasy peace" (peace!!!!) in Iraq would hold. Later, he referred to "our enemies," implicitly endorsing the Administration line that the resistance forces in Iraq are the enemy of, and a potential threat to, the American people, rather than just opponents of the occupation of their country.

But no, those weren't the "Outrage!" in the title of this post. That came when he told viewers how estimates of Iraqi dead ranged from 82,000 to...wait for it...89,000! Yes, that's the Iraq Body Count "count" of "documented civilian deaths from violence."

I hardly need to point out to readers that "estimates of Iraqi dead" now range up to 600,000 to over a million, so the claim that estimates range as high as 89,000 is simply a patently false statement. Of course, Iraq Body Count doesn't even claim to be an "estimate," just a "baseline count" which gives us the absolute minimum number of dead, or, more specifically and quite importantly, dead "civilians" who died "from violence." Any Iraqi who was part of an army which tried to defend their country against a foreign invasion, any Iraqi who dared to pick up a gun to end a foreign occupation, and any Iraqi who died because of the horrendous medical and public health situation inflicted on their country by the invasion, not to mention any Iraqi whose death didn't happen to be reported by the English-language media - they don't count for Iraq Body Count, and not for ABC News either (and, no doubt, many other media outlets).

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