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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Cuba is holding an election Sunday

...which, evidently, is the way you establish a dictatorship:
Jorge Ramos (Univision): A question for you, Senator Clinton. Would you be willing to sit down with Raul Castro or whoever leads the Cuban dictatorship when you take office at least just once to get a measure of the man?
I'm sure I don't need to bother to point out that neither Obama nor Clinton took issue with that characterization.

Update: Looking again at the transcript, I found this gem from Clinton:

"You know, just this week -- it's a good example -- ...we had a change in government in Cuba or at least the leadership; we've had the elections that, you know, should have happened, that haven't happened, and just change the leader the way they do in Cuba."
First of all, there have been two rounds of elections that according to Clinton "haven't happened" in Cuba, and second of all, what on earth is she talking about when she says "just change the leader the way they do in Cuba"? What precedent does she have in mind?

Additional update: I really shouldn't leave Sen. Obama out of this discussion. Last night's debate revealed that his claim that he'll make a personal visit to Cuba has a rather large element of sophistry to it:

"I would meet without preconditions, although Senator Clinton is right that there has to be preparation. It is very important for us to make sure that there was an agenda and on that agenda was human rights, releasing of political prisoners, opening up the press. And that preparation might take some time."
Does anyone really think Cuba is going to meet with President Obama to discuss that agenda? Maybe if the agenda also concerns "human rights, releasing of political prisoners, and opening up the press" in the United States. Will President Obama agree to that agenda?

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